Hard Truth Hills
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Moonshiner’s Experience

The Hard Truth Moonshiner’s Experience offers visitors a chance to join the centuries-long legacy of crafting Moonshine in the hills and valleys of Brown County, Indiana. Over the course of this 4-hour immersive experience, guests have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make their own moonshine just like pioneer distillers of the past. In our secluded forest hideaway, ‘Shiner’s Creek, folks will spend the day cooking mash, distilling spirits, eating campfire delicacies and bottling their own ‘shine. Side by side with our ‘Shine-Guides and Distillers, everyone works through the process start to finish – from distilling the lo-wines to selecting flavoring for their spirits, and finally finishing custom bottles.

$800 for the entire 4+ hour experience, which includes two campfire cocktails, one camp meal, hands-on moonshining action, a custom bottle of the pioneering spirit you distilled and the proud title of Master Moonshiner. Price covers a minimum of two guests and a maximum of five (bring more friends, save more money!).

Private bookings only, reservations must be made at least 30-days in advance. Please email ianmccabe@bwqoht.com to reserve your Moonshiner’s Experience!

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