Friday Favorites Volume 1: Sarah Fulford


Friday Favorites Volume 1: Sarah Fulford

Posted: June 26, 2020

Friday Favorites with Sarah Fulford!

Friday Favorites is our end of the week celebration here at Hard Truth Hills.

We’ve asked our Big Woods, QuaffON, and Hard Truth folks answer five questions about a few of their favorite things.

So, settle in, get to know teammates a little better, and maybe even take some inspiration from them as you prepare for your weekend revelry!


First up is Sarah Fulford, our BWQOHT, Inc. Controller — she makes sure we have money and don’t spend too much of it.

Now, let’s hear about a few of her FRIDAY FAVORITES!



HTH BLOG:  It’s Fri-yay, so what’s your favorite FRI-ed food? 

Sarah Fulford: French fries! I love dip, and french fries go with anything!



HTHB: Tell us about your favorite Friday Quaff ON! beer.  

SF: Hoosier Red. Red beers are my favorite. They aren’t too light, not too heavy — just right.



HTHB:  So, Friday and the weekend are upon us. What’s your favorite weekend getaway?

SF: I love fishing because it’s peaceful and you never know what you are going to get!





HTHB: What’s your favorite cocktail? 

SF: Hard Truth [White] Rum, soda water, and a lime! Hydrating and refreshing!





HTHB: Books or movies?

SF: Movies!

And, there we have it, folks — Friday Favorites number one on the books.

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to say hello to Sarah the next time you see her at Hard Truth Hills! See you Monday!